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                                                                 Where do I begin, yes, deep within

                                                                 there is the pain that I cannot be myself

                                                                 I  love to share that, so you can help to heal me

                                                                 if you'd like to listen, i can whisper it to you

                                                                 so that as a dog, cat or rabbit, I can be exactly that again

Photo 1:  I wish anyone could hear me.                 

 Photo 2:   it feels so good being understood


Animals "talk" constantly. The way in which animals indicate and communicate things is universal. It doesn't matter what country the animal is in or where it comes from, all animals all over the world can communicate with each other. When a dog from Canada meets a dog from Spain, they can understand each other effortlessly.

Animals have different ways of communicating. This can be through body language or through sound and behavior. That is the way of communication, which is often understood by us as humans, which many people are familiar with. However, animals also communicate in another way, namely intuitively, via energy. People have little or no experience with this way of communicating. The human being must attune himself to this more consciously in order to "hear" the animal. While animals thereby bring out exactly what concerns them most deeply within. This is a very essential part of communication between humans and animals and that is where things go wrong.

While the animal really thinks it speaks plain language, the animal does not meet a listening ear. This then leads to confusion and misunderstanding in the relationship between you and your animal.


So if you would like to know why your loved animal is not feeling well or why he does certain things or to know if there are things he would like to do that would make him happy, relaxed or even happier, then I can speak to your animal for you. Even if you are already involved in behavioral counseling or are in consultation with your veterinarian, but still cannot find a solution, I can also have a conversation with your animal in order to complete the picture.

You can talk to your animal from a distance, so it doesn't matter where you and your animal stay. The communication via the energetic way is limitless.

My experience so far shows that calling in an animal interpreter, also in addition to other expert guidance, can make the essential difference that speaking with animals really matters.


About me

I am Dhyana. It is my wish to bring humans and animals into balance and make it possible for them to enjoy each other's presence.

I have done the training in behavioral dogs at Calming signs and I have a lot of experience with behavioral guidance of dogs.

I also followed the basic and advanced animal interpreter training at Brigitta van Spronsen in Germany and the animal interpreter training at De Zomerhof in Bathem.

Initially I practiced a lot on return days at Brigitta and through practice cases via the Zomerhof. Lately I have had multiple conversations with animals at the request of multiple behavioral experts in addition to their guidance. And the grateful responses from the "owners" have given me the incentive to broaden my scope through this website.


Consult and Costs

Conducting the conversation with your animal takes place remotely. All you have to do is email a photo of your animal.

The costs per consultation are 25 euros. For me it is sufficient that I can bring people and animals further together through conversations. It is therefore not the intention that this fee is transferred to me, but to 1 of the charities below.


Soi Dog Organization (www.soidog.org)

Four-footed Foundation (www.vier-voeters.nl)

The brook hospital (www.thebrooke.org)

Animal Missions Foundation (www.diermissies.nl)


If the costs are a barrier in connection with the financial situation, then we can discuss that.